A Counsel of Death E-Book

A Counsel of Death E-Book

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He thought he was investigating money laundering, but the case is far more menacing. It’s murder…

Detective Sam Chastain has been dreading his next case: he must investigate his father-in-law’s role in a federal money-laundering scheme. When a grisly murder reframes the case, he must find answers before he loses another witness.

At the same time, new evidence sheds light on the decades-old drowning death of Cici’s uncle. She’s one of the few tenuous threads that connects the two murders. And a brand-new one.

As Sam and Cici race to uncover the identity of the latest victim, they realize the killer never leaves loose ends… Like Cici.

A Counsel for Death is the sixth book in the multi-award-winning  Rev. Cici Gurule Mystery series. Buckle in for a thrill ride full of twists and page-turning action.

Praise for A Rev. Cici Gurule Mystery Book series:

"Vivid, alluring, and heart-wrenching, A Pilgrimage to Death is every reason I love mystery. A breathtaking tale." - Darynda Jones, NY Times Bestselling Author

"A wholly absorbing gumshoe tale elevated by an extraordinary detective." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
"This winning mystery novel is a breeze to read and Cici's laidback approach as a reverend means that readers certainly don't have to be religious to find her relatable."- IndieReader

"The prose is...sublimely concise. An exhilarating entry in a thoroughly enjoyable series." - Kirkus Reviews

"Written in a clear, distinct style, Padgett uses the prose to elicit tension and emotion and creates a tense, fast-paced story." - The BookLife Prize

"In her third Reverend Cici Gurule Mystery, An Artifact of Death, Alexa Padgett (writing as J. J. Cagney) delivers an action-packed, page-turner with espionage, scared Southwest ruins, and a dash of the supernatural. This is an exciting thrill-ride you don't want to miss." - Karen M. Bryson, RONE Award for Excellence Recipient